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Join The UPDRAFT's Helping Hundred!

You can join The UPDRAFT's Helping Hundred at to help students and their families succeed while reducing provery, crime, and recidivism through improved social/buisness networks and technology skills training. 

Call Kevin Wedmore at Hoosier Senior Solutions and ask him why he sponsored MORE than one family!

What is “The Helping Hundred” program?

The idea is for at least 100 businesses to sponsor at least 100 students to take The UPDRAFT's Successful Social Entry Course in every community to help students succeed while reducing crime, recidivism, and poverty through improved social/business networks and technology career skills training.

The “two-generation approach” learned from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation will also greatly reduce the multigenerational unemployment issues we now face, because 55% of the more than 335,000 Hoosier students living in poverty have parents WITHOUT a high school diploma. So, when BOTH the students AND their parents learn technology career skills, they ALL become employable!

In 2012, Monroe County (Bloomington) had the 2nd worst recidivism rate in the state of Indiana. During the next 3 years, the participants in the Successful Social Entry Course committed ZERO crimes instead of the previously horrendous rate of 43.5%!


Tap or Click the heart above to:
Donate $1,000 for a student and parent
$500 to be matched with another donor
$100, $50, or whatever you can to help.

(You can also donate a small recurring amount every month!)

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