Black Cowboys

Black Cowboys at the "Negro State Fair" in Bonham, Texas, in 1913.

The Vision

The past has produced a devastating wealth gap that stubbornly maintains poverty; poverty that is the underlying cause of poor health, disease, and desperation leading to social and economic disengagement, opportunity loss, drug abuse, crime, incarceration, recidivism, offense escalation, higher security costs for all segments of the population, lowered economic productivity and decreased profitability for all industries. Decreased profitability lowers tax receipts to power social systems; even the fear of lower net profits causes resistance to wage increases which in turn perpetuates poverty as wages and benefits lag inflation.

Now, while America struggles to upgrade its workforce in the middle of an economic transition from manual skills to technological skills and critical thinking as the future means for citizens to access livable wages that allow for saving and investment, we find the entire world in the grips of a pandemic that leaves schools, businesses, and social institutions closed or having less than minimal capacity to operate effectively while lacking the funds for adequate social nets and capital investment.

Meanwhile, only a small percentage of the population has the knowledge to preserve their family legacy via multigenerational wealth transfer that future generations will require to overcome the unavoidable inflation they will inevitably encounter during their lifetimes. If this continues, we are headed for an American-style French Revolution that will make both the recent insurrection at the U.S. Capitol and the original French Revolution look like child's play in a backyard fort and push the world over this precipice and into a new Dark Ages.

Why Is Now The Right Time?

With asset inequalities growing, the under-educated will see no choice but to destroy the current social and economic systems in an attempt to rectify the financial inequities by force rather than to undertake the path of education, participation, and inclusion.


When we students would implore our fourth grade teacher, Ms. Parse, to wait for us to get our disorganized selves together or to pause for us to fabricate a plausible excuse why we were not prepared when called upon, she would invoke an excellent teaching example of implied homonyms and quickly retort:

“Wait? 'Wait's' what broke the wagon down!”

In this heavily weighted, fractured, splintered, and heated social climate, no truer words were ever spoken. Waiting is not an option for people of color. Although they may not realize it yet, it's not an option for American whites either. Now is the best time, and perhaps, the only time left to educate and engage the under-educated and under-served with an easily accessible financial solution that is the rising tide to lift all boats.


As a former Chinese Linguist in the U.S. Air Force, I'm reminded of the beauty and simplicity of a wise
Chinese saying:

“Huide bu nan. Nande bu hui.”
“Those who know how have no difficulty. Difficulty is for those who don't know how.”

During over 30 years of researching and working with the correctional system across America, and discovering how to reduce recidivism through his program teaching Socio-Economic Effectiveness (S.E.E.), Jerahn Tilford Kemp III, Founder of The UPDRAFT Supplemental Scholarship Project, (The UPDRAFT), is now prepared to share his groundbreaking research and real-world results to “Solve the Mystery of the Murderous Wealth Gap” by helping prestigious financial companies provide opportunities for learning and licensing nationwide in the Insurance and Securities industries via Primerica's “Basics of Investing” Financial Awareness Seminars.


  • Make mass education and training about how money and the financial system works available  for every student and adult via Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and Community Colleges.
  • Increase the opportunity for more licensed financial professionals in under-skilled and under- served populations via HBCUs and Community Colleges.
  • Integrate and Immerse the new professionals into minority AND mainstream nonprofits and  businesses to increase both their Socio-Economic Network and Socio-Economic Effectiveness.
  • Attract more businesses to hire employees who, beyond a core competency in their chosen field, also understand Risk Management (Insurance), Profit and Loss strategies, also called P&L (Securities and the Capital Markets), and have actual work experience from their time invested at HBCUs and Community Colleges. 

The UPDRAFT Mission Statement

The UPDRAFT Supplemental Scholarship Project works to help juveniles, veterans, returning citizens, and their families successfully enter society and achieve higher education to reduce the poverty that leads to poor health, untimely death from drug overdose, crime, recidivism, offense-escalation, street violence, and murder.

The Vertex Posse Mission Statement 

Our mission is to ride or die honoring the sacrifices of our ancestors as we pursue, round up, and close the historic wealth gap causing the unsustainable and dangerous crisis of widespread poverty through accelerated Financial Education and massively increased Financial Services Industry opportunity leading to a Socio-Economic convergence; the point where two or more previously divergent financial curves, lines, or edges meet to foster multigenerational wealth transfer.

Mount up. Let's Ride! 

TWO OF THE TOP 4 HIGHEST PAYING CAREERS require knowledge of Risk Management (Insurance) and the Capital Markets (Securities).

Wage and salary accruals per full-time equivalent employee in the United States in 2019, by industry (in U.S.

Industry Wage and salary in U.S. Dollars:
Management of companies and enterprises 137,088
Information 130,574
Utilities 117,030
Finance and insurance 115,557
Mining 110,582
Professional, scientific, and technical services 105,907
Wholesale trade 84,161
Manufacturing 72,735
Government 70,691
Real estate and rental and leasing 67,561
Construction 67,503
Wages and salaries per full-time equivalent employee 66,778
Private industries 65,374
Transportation and warehousing 60,875
Health care and social assistance 57,719
Arts, entertainment, and recreation 52,956
Educational services 50,040
Administrative and waste management services 47,470
Other services, except government 46,030
Retail trade 39,457
Agriculture, forestry, fishing, and hunting 36,663
Accommodation and food services 31,679

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Why Aflac, Primerica, Franklin Templeton?

Immediate Education and Training with, upon Qualification, fully paid for Insurance and Securities exams with the possibility of obtaining both highly desired work experience and income within 90 days.

Aflac” may include American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus, American Family Life Assurance Company of New York, Continental American Insurance Company (marketed as “Aflac Group”), Tier One Insurance Company, and any other affiliated companies (collectively, “Aflac”), as applicable to the entity from whom you receive insurance services.

Primerica Inc. recently trading at over $140 per share with a market cap of $5,45 billion.
Source: Marketwatch

Franklin Templeton/Legg Mason manages $1.4 trillion including 386 funds for individuals

Examples of U.S. Insurance and Securities Regulators are:

Solving the Mystery of "The Wealth Gap Murders"

It's not a "Who Done It?"
It's a "How do we stop it?"
The Wealth Gap is an ongoing serial-killing spree. That's why we need a posse - The Vertex Posse; to pursue, round up, and close the Wealth Gap.

The tracks are obvious. They're in plain sight. But they've gotten cold. So, the citizens are wandering around asking, "Which way did they go?" The citizens are busy with their daily lives and untrained in solving mysteries, especially educational and financial mysteries. But, just like the trackers of old, WE are the professionals who know how to find the culprits and bring them to economic justice..

I've been on their trail for more than 40 years. I know the badlands where they hide. And, after more than a decade of stalking their hideout, rescuing, and reviving some of their victims, I have a plan to stop their financial killing spree. But, I need help. It will take a group with many dedicated members married to the mission, knowing there will be casualties in our number and hostages we cannot save, yet armored by perseverance and purpose.

I'm old now, and most people only get one death. I'm very fortunate. I will get TWO! You see, they killed me once to save me. The doctors stopped my heart to reset its electrical system. Now, I must take 8 different medications every 12 hours to stay alive. My first life was lived for me. My second life is for The Vertex Posse Mission. I don't know how long it will last, but I'll do what I can with whatever I'm given. So, get on the train or get off the tracks 'cause THIS train's comin' through!!!

But, as MLK said, "I’ve been to the mountaintop ... I’ve seen the Promised Land. I may not get there with you. But I want you to know tonight, that we, as a people, will get to the Promised Land." So, where are we now?

Has anyone ever run track? Please correct me where I need assistance, ok?

The most difficult race to win in the Summer Olympics is the 4x400 meter relay because there is ALWAYS one runner who's just a little slower than the others. To win, a coach must strategize where to place that runner and whether or not retraining fundamentals, strength training, or psychology can improve that runner's results just enough to win the Gold Medal as a team.

The same is true for a society striving for the Gold Medal in the new global economy. But, America has been falling behind because its minority runner only has one leg. Minorities have made great strides in education, politics, and other Social Systems, but the Economic leg is weak for the lack of financial training fundamentals,
neglected strengthening, and negative financial psychology. When we improve the condition of the Economic leg of minorities, the entire society will have a fighting chance to bring home the Gold of Socio-Economic Effectiveness as a team.

Finally, this is why you've all worked so hard through all of the pain, through all of the heartaches, and through all of our failures to rise and to become the experts, the heroes, Destiny has chosen at this time in Herstory and History to meet and conquer this challenge, to solve this insidious mystery, for the benefit of all posterity.

Warm regards,

Jerry Kemp
Jerry Kemp
Founder The UPDRAFT

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